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Karen is a Reiki and IET Master, a Bars Facilitator and has over 60 different body processes that she uses to facilitate people with a great variety of concerns.


Karen offers classes for the majority of what she provides for her clients. Whether you are looking to learn a modality or body process, or take a specialty class there is a wide selection to choose from.

Who is Karen Leslie & What Does She Do?

“I have had a lifetime of different struggles that are now all in my past thanks to energy work.  It is now my honour and pleasure to help others.”

Praise For Karen Leslie

“Karen Leslie is the Marie Kondo of Energy Healing. She was able to declutter my emotional baggage, allowing me to feel lighter and more at peace. I am so happy she was recommended to me because she has been able to help me in so many ways even after one visit. Karen is so kind, calm and welcoming, which made my first visit very relaxing. I was seeking help as I was dealing with insomnia, chronic pain, depression, and overall life stresses. Admittedly, I was a little skeptical about having a Bars treatment, but I truly needed help and it was the best decision I could have made. I sleep better at night, my pain is pretty much gone, and the medical issues I was having due to stress have disappeared. I'm a believer. Thank you so much Karen. I look forward to more visits.” Liz – March, 2019
I took Karen's 'Money' class with hopes to break through a few blockages that I felt had been coming up, but I wasn't able to put my finger on. Karen's class was enlightening, and I could feel blockages releasing while we were in the room, let alone, when I left, and started to apply her simple 'how to's' to my every day life. One clearing statement used in the class, I say a few times a day, 10x each time, and EVERY SINGLE TIME I receive money, or book a new client. I even shared with my sister who also runs a business and she has been using the clearing statement as well, with huge increases in client bookings! It was well worth it and I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone!!
I have received both IET and Access Bars sessions from Karen and have felt so much better after. For many years I suffered debilitating migraines and was on some very heavy duty narcotics for them as well as I'd received botox injections and nerve block injections. The relieve with these was temporary. After 4 sessions of Access Bars however I have not had a single migraine or headache since. That was in 2015.

Karen Leslie, Facilitator of Change



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