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Elimination & Eradication of the Sickness of Mankind body process class – Sun. Jan. 12, 2020 – 10am-1pm  at The Westhill Retirement Residence Waterloo

MTVSS body process class    –   Sunday February 16, 2020 – 10am-1pm  at The Westhill Retirement Residence Waterloo 



After this full day class, you will be a Bars Practitioner. During the day you will learn where the 32 points are located on the head, understand the purpose of the Access Clearing Statement, and give and receive two full Bars sessions. You will leave with a certificate, manual and two head charts for reference. This is a very interactive class with lots of learning and growth for everyone.


Within Access Consciousness, Karen is a certified Body Process Facilitator. This enables Karen to teach numerous different ‘hands-on’ body processes in a 3-hour class. During this class you will give and receive a full treatment and have lots of time to ask questions and gain a good understanding of how and when to use the process for yourself or clients/family. At the end of the class you will receive a certificate for that body process and a handout for reference.


At the moment there are three different specialty classes Karen offers – Money, Happiness, and Business. Each class is based on a book from Access Consciousness. Having the book is not required. Each class will have a workbook for notes and to refer back to. In these 3-hour classes we discuss how you view these different topics, clear limiting beliefs that are present and give you the opportunity to make new choices that can result is amazing changes in your life. They are fun and very interactive.


There are 3 levels within this modality – Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced. Each level can be taught as a one day class or they are taught all together over 2 ½ days in the Intensive Class. IET is an angelic modality that invites in 9 different Healing Angels to work with. In the classes you will learn how to connect to these angels, how to work with them and a number of different processes you can use for yourself or clients/family. In each level you will give and receive a full session plus do some personal healing. You will receive a certificate and manual with each level.


This is either a one day class or held over 5 different sessions (usually weekly). During this class you will learn the 4-step process to connect to each of the 9 IET angels, learn what each angel’s healing gift is, sit in the energy of the angel and record your experience in a workbook. This is a beautiful way to expand your meditation practice or begin a new journey with the angels. Designed for those with angelic experience and the novice who would love to bring angels into their life.

Karen Leslie, Facilitator of Change



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